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"Inspiration from the Natural World"

Brian has been inspired by a lifetime of exploring and observing the natural world. His hope and intent is to share these expieriences with the viewer. Kuether began painting native Wisconsin scenes and portraits at an early age. He went on to graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 1985. His award winning paintings have been displayed in many prestigious galleries and shows throughout the country.

His work includes wildlife art, portraits, murals and illustrations. Brian and his wife Eva reside in Greenfield, Wisconsin with their two children George and Emily.... Read more.

Featured on MPTV's Great TV Auction
Painter Brian Kuether was the featured artist for the "Sports Collection" for the 2015 Great TV Auction. His work showcased moments of greatness from Green Bay Packer's quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Kuether createdWinners Never Quit” as a tribute to Green Bay Packers quarterback and 2015 NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers. Prints still available. Call Brian at (414) 534-8849

Aaron Rogers "Winners Never Quit" Art Print by Braon Kuether
Winners Never Quit

View the ARTS PAGE Episode #325 here
Painter Brian Kuether is the featured artist for the "Sports Collection" for the 2015 Great TV Auction. See how his work showcases moments of greatness from Green Bay Packer's quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Jason Lebarns cuts, bends, and burnishes aluminum to create sleek, holographic-like sculptures.

"Living the Dream" Prints Available Now
Featuring Ryan Braun & Aaron Rodgers.
View it here

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Brain Kuether Print - "Gander Creek" Brain Kuether Print "One Last Glance" Brain Kuether 2008 WI Duck Stamp
Gander Creek
14" x 17.75"
$ 30.00
Signed OE
One Last Glance
20" x 16.25"
$ 80.00
2008 WI Waterfowl
Stamp - Giclee
6.5" x 9.25"
$ 130.00
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Granite EtchingsView all Granite Etchings

Brain Kuether Granite Etching - "Proud"
Brain Kuether Granite Etching - "Angels in the Belltower"
Brain Kuether Granite Etching - "Chief"
12" x 12"

$ 125
Belltower Angels 12" x 12"
$ 125
12" x 12"

$ 125

" As an artist, I aspire to paint and illustrate the spirit of life
which inspires me. My goal is to preserve a moment in time,
one that tells a story or captures that special atmosphere.
I am driven to produce provocative pieces which showcase
the magnificant beauty of nature and life." — Brian Kuether

New Item! "Living the Dream"

Ryan Braun and Aaron Rogers Oil Painting, Living the Dream

Original ArtView all Original Oil Artwork

Brain Kuether Original Art - Bluejays Brain Kuether Original oil Painting - Morning Majesty Brain Kuether Original Art - Great White Egrets Wading
24" x 36"
Morning Majesty
30" x 48"
$ 8,300.00
Great White Egret
16" x 12"
$ 850.00

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